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Introducing Clara

Clara purse

I’m very pleased to introduce my newest purse design, Clara. This is really the pattern I have been using for a couple of years, only now it finally has a name.

Clara is named for Clara Wieck Schumann, composer and pianist of the 19th century. Clara was a very gifted concert pianist who enjoyed a long and active concert career. It has been suggested that Clara was the first pianist to perform recitals completely from memory, and the first to program pieces by other composers. You can read more about Clara here.

Now, on to the Clara purse!

I’ve been planning for some time to make purses with top zippers, so everything stays nicely tucked inside the bag with little risk of everything spilling out if the purse gets tipped over in the car or even worse, while just walking along with it over your shoulder.

So, I’ve added a nice recessed zipper closure that goes very nearly to the ends of the top, but isn’t completely enclosed. This is so you can easily open the purse wide.



One zipper seemed not quite enough, so I’ve also added an interior zipper divider pocket. This pocket separates the interior of the bag into two large compartments, and the pocket diver itself is a generous size. I can fit my large wallet inside the pocket with room to spare.


Still not enough zippers, though. I’ve hidden a smaller interior zipper pocket just under the recessed zipper panel. Easy to get to, and roomy enough for keys, cash, passport, etc:

The outside of the purse features a double welt pocket that is large enough to hold most cell phones, although I use mine to keep my keys where I can find them fast.

Purse feet keep the bottom of the bag up off the floor, and the handles have a drop of about 11 inches, so you can wear the purse over your shoulder or carry it on your arm. I’ve been carrying the prototype Clara all over for the past couple of weeks, and it’s been a great bag for everyday outings as well as formal events. I know you will love this purse.

I’m making several of these bags, in a variety of materials, for the shop, but if you want to order a custom Clara, please drop me a line at, and let’s talk!